Web Site Design

Every company is unique and each sells unique products or services. One company may be proud of its customer service while another is proud of its top of the line products. The web site needs to focus on these aspects and showcase what your company is good at.

Some clients want their sites designed around existing literature and some clients want a new logo and design for the web aspect of their business. From quick loading sites to flash, we will take your requirements and build your site based on your needs.

Many factors influence the design of your web site such as: target audience, speed of download, browsers, PCs, search engines and so on. All of these are important factors in the design of your site.

During the latter part of the design phase of your web site you will be able to view the progress of the site on our production server. This allows you and anyone else that you allow to view the work in progress at specified intervals.

Our Services Include:

  • Backend Programming
  • Concept and Strategy Development
  • Database Design and Integration
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Hosting
  • Search Engine Promotion

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